Manufacturing Lines

Fibratus manufacturing lines in Spain.

Fibratus manufacturing line in Spain.

The production technology for Fibratus cellulose wool is the result of long-standing R&D. Our manufacturing lines can be applied almost anywhere at a very affordable cost. The technology development is based on the following:

  • Best value for money: affordable investment
  • Production capacity of 300 (a-small-scale) -1,200 (basic)kg of cellulose insulation per hour
  • Reliability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compact production line

Manufacturing Lines for New Market Areas

Manufacturing lines of basic size are excellent choice for new market areas. There is no need for huge investment cost and the saved resources can be put in developing the actual MARKET.

We also provide Installation machines. We have several co-operation partners manufacturing machines with most affordable cost. Installing capacity varies 15-40m3/hour.